There are few things that people from Buffalo and Western New York love more than sports, wings, and beer. One of those things happens to be our dogs.

I don't know about you, but my two pups mean the world to me. However, as I walk my dogs every day I can help but notice that it seems like there is dog poop everywhere in Buffalo, but exactly how poopy is Buffalo compared to other places around the country?

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I'm not the only one who noticed this either. According to this post on the Buffalo subreddit, others are nothing that there is a whole lot of doggy doo just laying around town.

With all of these puppy presents that we have to dodge every day while out about town, have you ever wondered how Buffalo ranks against other canine cities?

How Poopy Is Buffalo

According to a study done by Protect My Paws, Buffalo is among the top ten poopiest places in America and it even ranks above such esteemed places as Washington DC, Austin TX, and Minneapolis MN.

Protect My Paws even created a map listing the top 10 cities and with Buffalo coming in at number 5 on the list, I don't think this is really a distinction that government officials want to rank so high on.

The problem is so bad that some cities have strict laws regulating dogs and the treats they leave behind, along with what happens if you don't deal with the doo. In fact, you can receive up to a $2,000 fine in Washington, D.C. for not scooping the poop. The city of Buffalo is much more reasonable with the penalty charged if you don't clean up after your doggy, with a fine ranging from $15 to $50.

So Who Is Number One?

The bright side of the fact that Buffalo ranks fifth is that it doesn't hold the top stop.

The community that has earned the distinction of topping the turd list belongs to Pittsburgh, PA., and if you've ever been to Pittsburgh you understand that title fits perfectly.

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