If you take a look at just about any neighborhood in Western New York you're likely to see something so familiar that you may not even notice how much it happens.

That's people walking or running with their dogs.

With August 26th being National Dog Day, what better way for us doggy daddies and puppy mommies to celebrate than to do something fun with our canines? I, for one, would be included with that bunch since my two pups and I are often out and about enjoying the sights and sounds of Buffalo.

Simply, if you ask any Buffalonian, they'll likely agree that we've gone to the dogs.

However, according to one survey that was recently released, that isn't really the case. Buffalo, in their ranking, is far from a doggone good place for pups.

Buffalo Is Not Good For Dogs?

According to this survey released by LawnStarter, who used 28 different indicators to determine exactly how much the largest 200 cities in America love their pups.

Buffalo, it seems, doesn't fall too high on this ranking. Surprisingly, we don't even make the top 50 cities.


To say I was flabbergasted is an understatement.

Where Are The Top Cities For Dogs

The top 5 cities that LawnStarter lists as the best for dogs are all located below the Mason-Dixon line, with cities in Virginia and Florida appearing twice.

After looking at factors like the number of doggy daycares and groomers, dog-friendly restaurants, rental units that allow pups, and more, Orlando, FL landed in the top spot. Followed closely by Tampa, Alexandria, VA, Austin, TX, and Richmond, VA.

Where's The Worst Cities For Canines?

The locations that round out the bottom also have a bit of geography in common according to this survey, all appearing in the north half of the country.

Paterson, NJ ranks as the worst city for dogs in America, with Detroit, Newark, and Bridgeport, CT rounding out the bottom.

Where Does Buffalo Fall In This Doggy Data Report

While Buffalo isn't the worst, it's well in the bottom half of the ranking. In fact, the 716 falls below several other cities in New York, including New York City, Rochester, and Syracuse.

Western New York lands at 143 out of 200 in these rankings, gaining relatively high marks for its community puppy love, but falling pretty low in just about every other category.

What do you think? Has Buffalo gone to the dogs?

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