You have probably heard the popular term, "adopt, don't shop" before. The reason you hear it so often is because of how true it is.

Most dogs at shelters are there due to no fault of their own. Perhaps the owners could no longer take care of them, maybe their owners passed away, or they were simply born in a horrible environment and need a fresh start with a loving family.

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Every dog deserves a loving home and the Niagara SPCA shared an absolutely heartbreaking story of a dog who needs a home to live out the last few weeks or months of his life.

The dog's name is Lloyd.

Lloyd came to the SPCA as a stray and as it turns out, Lloyd was not in good health. The SPCA believes the owner didn't know his or her dog was missing and didn't know to go to the shelter or with Lloyd's medical costs, thought dumping the dog was the best option, as sad as that is, it has happened before.

Lloyd is in end-stage kidney failure and has a large tumor on his back leg. But Lloyd is one of the most loving dogs they have ever seen and he needs a home to live out his last few weeks or months.

Lloyd could have three weeks left or three months, but he deserves to do what the SPCA calls a "bucket list" before he dies.

Go on walks in the park or by Canalside. Go for ice cream. Go swimming. Go for car rides. Anything to make his last stretch of life memorable.

This absolutely breaks my heart and I know Lloyd will soon find a loving home.

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