Could you imagine being a dog and being taken to a shelter? The circumstances surrounding why a dog is at a shelter could be for a variety of reasons. Many dogs are there because of reasons out of their control.

Sometimes an owner can no longer care for a dog because of a growing family. Perhaps, an owner's declining health is a reason to give the dog up. Dogs can also be abused by previous owners.

Basically, so many dogs at the SPCA are there because of nothing they did...that's why it's so heartbreaking.

Some dogs can be there for a week, or maybe up to a year; but rarely does a dog stay there as long as someone like Leia.

Leia has been at the Niagara SPCA for the past 620 days. Yes, nearly two years at the SPCA.

Leia is a dog who loves playing and snuggles, but prefers to be in a family where she's either the only dog, or with another calm dog. She cannot be with cats.

What's amazing is Leia is only 4 years and 8 months old, and her adorable nature looks perfect for a young couple who needs a dog. It's amazing she hasn't been adopted yet.

We adopted a pit bull/beagle mix named Odessa in 2018, and we are still baffled why she was at the SPCA in the first place.

All these dogs need is a chance. Leia needs a forever home.

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