I have been living near and driving the Scajaquada for a long time, and it does have its benefits. Although there have been long-standing mixed feelings about the highway, everything from the construction of it dividing Delaware Park to the speed you now have to drive on it. Now there are plans in the works to try to make changes to the corridor, and according to wivb.com lawmakers would like to hear from Buffalo residents before the final plans are complete.

I have often thought about how that area would look if the Scajaquada wasn't there at all, and how a wide-open park would give more flexibility and space for people to enjoy. I see now how inconvenient it can be to get from one side of the park to the other by going down to the bridge to cross over the Scajaquada.

What Are Some Of The Ideas For The Corridor?

Senator Sean Ryan would like to see Deleware Park reunited, I hear from some Buffalo residents that agree with that idea as well. Another idea that he has is to reconnect the neighborhoods and that area and restore our Olmsted system, clean up Hoyt lake, and the Scajaquada creek.

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There are hopes for the full plan to be completed by February. I know that there are people that would like to see the 190 removed completely, but I really don't see that happening, at least not in our lifetime. I think it really would be a great thing to see, but community input will really be important in any steps that are taken.

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