Listen if you bills go away once you pass away, think again.

Directv Recently was fed up and wanted there money for an early termination fee. unfortunately they could not get far seeing how the cable costumer passed away.

it is very strange that they would do but honestly they really don't know that they are gone. shocking more so disrespectful. especially since she was 102 years old

I think the shady part is they charged the family 160 dollars right, then the family calls them to basically explain that she passed 1 year ago, and they still was not hearing it all lol.

Directv they said:

give us the 160 dollars we don't care about any of that.

(they really didn't say that I just imagine them saying something crazy to them)

But they wasn't going to give them money back because the deceased hired a caregiver who moved in with her, that person then added a second DirecTV box so that they could watch different programming than what was already offered at the home. and If you know about DirecTV, you know they be quick to add another 2 years on to you account smh

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