So I have heard of Rappers beef but Director beef?

The Director of Best Man, Malcolm Lee is not really feeling director Tyler Perry.

Recently Malcolm Lee has been very talkative with the media after the big 12 year reunion party with the cast of the Best Man. During an interview with BET’s Clay Cane Malcolm was asked how he felt about  Tyler Perry “Medea” effect on the box office and how he has build his empire.

Malcolm Shares: “Tyler Perry is a very shrewd businessman. This dude has built an empire off of what he does and people support him.” He continued: “I have to admit, I enjoy some Madea. Madea’s funny to me. All the other stuff and the morality tales, I could do without. Just bring me more Madea!”

When asked about the level of Tyler Perry's work Lee held nothing back

“It’s not as terrible as people say it is, but it’s not as good as the box office numbers are. Just because something makes money doesn’t mean it’s good, it’s just popular, it taps into something people respond to. I don’t do what he does.” He continued: “He’s not interested in art, he’s interested in turning out a product. There is value in that, building up a studio and being independent. I wish he would get better as the movies go on. Maybe he will, I don’t know, but I don’t think that is his focus right now.”

Well, well, well, does that sound like hate or could it just be truth? You be the judge and tell me what you think.

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