Spike Lee

It's Another Spike Lee Joint
It's been getting so much publicity over the past few weeks, when Spike Lee announced that he'd be directing a movie based on the city of Chicago aka 'Chiraq'. Take a look at the trailer so you can get an idea of what's going to be in the movie...
Kanye in Spike Lee Movie!
Kanye West is always thinking of the innovative ways to explore his artistry and plan his next best move. This year alone he has already released new music and new Adidas sneakers, among other ventures. But now Yeezy is said to be expanding his empire to include a lead role on the big screen.
Five ‘Black Movies’ That Should Have Won An Oscar
Over the past couple of decades there have been several critically acclaimed movies involving black people that many say should have won an Academy Award (Oscar). Is there a conspiracy against 'Black Movies' in the Academy? We can't say for sure so we'll let you decide. Here ar.…

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