Hot 97 legend and “king of digital space” Funk Flex went on a longwinded bomb-laden diatribe on air the other night, dissing Jay Z’s Life & Times website and calling it “trash,” after they purportedly stole his secrets to success during an interview back in the day and used it to launch their own (failed) app.  Flex was apparently set off all over again with Life & Times emailed him with the same kind of pitch–asking for an interview regarding his involvement in the upcoming Dipset reunion.

Flex took to the airwaves and Instagram to let the world know he was unhappy with Hov, and Cam’ron and Jim Jones, longtime Jay Z adversaries, soon followed suit, dropping the “Victory” freestyle.

Cam’ron, keeping it classy as ever, even samples Queen Bey on the diss track.


I doubt jay-Z even responds but what do you think about the track – Keep it or Delete it?

Do you think Cam and Jimmy are just reaching just to start up some buzz for the Dipset Reunion Tour?

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