One of the first things anyone gets when they buy a home is a bird-feeder! This week on Clay and Company, we were having a discussion about the birds that have been showing up here in the late part of winter and early spring.

I loaded our feeder in our yard with seed and when the sun came up the next day, the feeder was loaded with a large group up birds that had spilled the seed everywhere! The feeder was emptied in a matter of minutes but most of the seed was spilled all over the ground. These rude birds, (starlings?) had left droppings all over the yard, our grill, our fence and even the kid's sandbox!

NurPhoto via Getty Images
NurPhoto via Getty Images

Our kids have become bird watchers and also have come up with some very creative ideas for how to deal with the birds. From getting a cat, to shotgunning the birds, it is interesting to hear what a 4 and 2 year old want to do with the rudest birds we have encountered at our bird feeder.

Rob also brought up the idea of us getting a pet bird or two? We are so not ready for that responsibility yet. With three little boys under 5 and two older dogs, we have plenty to care for around our home these days!

Thanks to everyone who wrote or called to share their solutions for the starlings. It sounds like we have been using the wrong birdseed to get the more polite and pretty birds to come to our yard!

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