School bus drivers have been wilding out lately. A bus driver was charged with 33 counts of abuse after braking on purpose to teach his students a lesson. Now, a Buffalo school bus driver has been fired for threatening to shoot a student.

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Recently in Colorado, a bus driver, Brian Fitzgerald of the Douglas County School District, was charged with 30 counts of child abuse. He was caught on camera slamming on his brakes, after scolding the children to sit in their seats. Authorities allege he did it on purpose.

I will shoot you. I will shoot them.

In Buffalo, a school bus driver has been fired after a video showed him threatening to shoot a student. Those pesky cameras seem to catch them every time. The driver was employed by First Student, which terminated his employment. The incident happened on Thursday, April 20, 2023. The video appears to have been filmed by a student and was shared on Facebook by a concerned parent, according to WGRZ.

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Buffalo Public Schools released a statement about the incident:

Buffalo Public Schools has zero-tolerance for gun-related violence, and the safety of all students and staff is of the utmost importance. As the bus driver was an employee of First Student, Buffalo Public Schools worked directly with them to immediately remove him from his position to protect our students. Buffalo Public Schools also notified the Buffalo Police so appropriate action could be taken. As this is an ongoing police investigation, we cannot comment further at this time.

First Student also released a statement and said that it was "extremely disturbed by what we saw in the video," and that it wouldn't tolerate this kind of behavior.

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