Once I seen that the government shut down was going to be beyond the Christmas break I thought about two things, would people get there tax money and would kids that get free breakfast and lunch at school still be able to get food while at school.

The other day on his twitter, why is everybody tweeting now, Governor Cuomo announced that students impacted by the government shutdown will still have access to free school meals.

Its called the  "Community Eligibility Program" and its  t provides free breakfast and lunch for all students and its funded by the The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service which is shut down but Cuomo insists that during the government shutdown students will still have access to these free lunches. This according to WGRZ.

As part of his No Student Goes Hungry program, Cuomo requires districts to ensure every student is provided a school meal NO MATTER WHAT. Im happy to hear this news. For more details about  free lunch program, check this out here .

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