If someone wasn't going to say nothing I was! We know how these Airlines be going "No refund No transfers" You Stuck with a $400 ticket that you can't do nothing with it and now you out of 400 bucks or you would be paying that outrageous fee to change that's like $200 or more!

According to USA Today Delta Air Lines and JetBlue Airways are waiving change fees for travelers who don't want to fly to the Dominican Republic following the recent high count of of tourist deaths.

Delta and JetBlue passengers who don't want to rebook now and just want to cancel their vacation can receive credit for a future flight.

JetBlue spokesman Philip Stewart issued this statement:

"The safety of our customers and crewmembers is our first priority. While JetBlue’s flights to the Dominican Republic are unaffected, we are working with the U.S. Embassy and local authorities to stay updated on developments,'' it said. "To support our customers, we are currently waiving change fees when rebooking flights to/from the Dominican Republic.''

Delta says travelers who want to change their flight can do it online or via the Delta mobile app. Another option: call the airline's reservations center at 800-221-1212.

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