Check Your Furry Friend’s Food There’s a Dog Food Recall
We always want to keep our furry friends safe and healthy. That is why it is important to get the word out when there is a dog food recall. There are multiple dog food bands that are on the list due to high levels of a product that could make dogs sick if they consume it in large quantities.
Does Anyone Know What This Animal Is?
Does anyone know what animal this is?
Yesterday, we were about to head out on a pontoon that we rented from Collins Marine in Tonawanda, when we saw this. My grandma was walking down the dock and she was not-so-thrilled about this little guy walking around her all over the place...
VIDEO: Bear Charges At Park Officer
Does anyone remember all of bears that kept wandering in the suburbs last summer? There seemed to be a crazy amount of bears that were finding their way into unusual spots like Depew, Lancaster and Cheektowaga. At one point, there was a bear seen by George Urban, close to the Buffalo Niaga…
VIDEO: Rochester Firefighters Rescue Cat + Give It Oxygen Mask
These are the heroes in life! Check out this video of a cat getting an oxygen mask after getting rescued in a house fire in Rochester, New York!
This is the kind of stuff success story that you love to see on the internet. There were a string of fires in Rochester at the same location, same home two …
Dallas The Seal At The Buffalo Zoo Passes Away
Dallas, the largest California seal lion at the Buffalo Zoo unexpectedly passed away at the Zoo Sunday night. He was the big lovable seal that you would always see dancing and definitely you could hear him bark from far away.
We are heartbroken to share that Dallas, the California sea lion, unexpecte…

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