I'm not going to say much but I guess everybody has some skeletons in the closet in this case, these skeletons are worth 80 million dollars.

Diana Downing age 54, who claims she was cut out of her fathers $80 million fortune because she walked in on her dad messing with a man when he was married to her mom!

According to NY Daily News, Diana said her father wasn’t right and their relationship never got back on track, knowing she knew his deepest darkest secret.

Diana said:
"While it is challenging to untangle the dynamics of our family, I believe that strains between my father and myself emerged when I was a young teenager,” Downing wrote in an affidavit as part of an attempt to get a piece of the money.

“I also suspect that I interrupted an encounter between my father and a male lover,” she wrote. “I believe that my father was so embarrassed that he shunned me.”

she also points out that her dad took it so far to the point that he didn’t even show up for her high school graduation or Yale University commencement ceremony.

A lawyer for David Downing (Her Brother) said that Diana got cut out of the will because her father was disappointed in her choices and had rejected his attempts at reconciliation.

Diana said in her affidavit that if her father hadn’t had died in the tragic car accident in 2016, then they would’ve possibly been able to hash things out.

“I believe that, shortly before he died, my father was preparing to reconnect with me.”

Hope you get that check, Don't let it all go to your brother

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