The latest spike in COVID-19 cases in the area has forced a school to close in Buffalo. Officials and staff at The Elmwood Franklin School have canceled classes for Friday 5/6.

According to reports, Doctor Ryan Kimmet says over two dozen teachers and staff members are either isolating due to coronavirus, out sick with symptoms or in Washington, DC on a class trip.

The latest variant has spread across the United States and there is a good chance you know someone who either has it currently or has recently had it.

It was also announced late this week that a popular COVID-19 vaccine and booster will come with new recommendations. On Thursday, the FDA announced it is only approving the vaccine for adults who cannot get the other vaccines or who specifically request the J&J one. The move comes after some have experienced a rare blood clotting condition after receiving the vaccine.

There is some great weather in the forecast for Buffalo and will hopefully give people a chance to either get outside for fresh air or at least open the windows at home or the office and school and allow some fresh air in.

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