As the world anxiously awaits the verdict of the Derick Chauvin murder trial, many people have expressed their concerns about the relationship between the Buffalo police and people in the community. There is a big focus on social and racial injustice all over the United States, and local civil rights groups, advocates, and Buffalo residents believe that there is plenty of room for improvement right here at home.

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There have been some changes as it relates to police reform, statewide, chokeholds are now banned, and police disciplinary records have become more accessible. In Buffalo, the city has added stop receipts, which means if you get stopped, the police will give you a receipt to know what you were stopped for. Here, advocates that are watching the trial are expressing a wide range of emotions.

We're watching the trial of Derick Chauvin and we're not sure which way it's going to come out, even though we all watched the video of him killing George Floyd, and that's not a new experience for black people in this county.

said Miles Gresham, who is a policy fellow a the Partnership for the Public Good.

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In my opinion, there are going to be a lot of people that are going to react and express serious concerns no matter the outcome. I really commend the people of that jury because this was a tough case to sit and watch from home, I can only imagine what the witnesses and people who were actually in the courtroom were going through.

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