A local film maker is debuted a film he wrote and directed called 'Blink of an Eye' at Evergreen Health on Sunday, according to News Reports.  The film is a fictional, silent movie which focuses on the opioid epidemic that's crippling many communities across the U.S.

The film maker, Greg Robbins, is from Amherst and said this about his movie:

“Unfortunately, “Blink of an Eye,” this short film, is too relevant to what’s going on in society right now. Since I’ve started doing this, I’ve gone on ride alongs with the police department and I’ve talked to the people that are addicted to the drugs and the ones who are trying to help them, this drug is just devouring mankind. I’m praying that this movie will shock people,” said Robbins.


'Blink of an Eye' can be seen online beginning June 1 by clicking the link below:



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