After another string of gun violence in Buffalo, neighborhood residents and community leaders are signaling they have had enough.

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WKBW is reporting about how local community groups like Buffalo SNUG have been searching for answers to end all of the violence that has been happening lately.

Just in the last week alone, there have been at least 5 separate shootings. From those shootings, 2 people have died.

Violent streaks like this have terrorized our neighborhoods for years. Just when things seem to have calmed down, there is another string of shootings that remind us that violence is still a major problem in Buffalo.

This is not supposed to be happening in our neighborhoods...People have just stopped caring. They feel it's just supposed to happen and we're desensitized to the gunshots.
-Pastor James Giles of SNUG speaking to WKBW

Community groups like Stop The Violence, SNUG, FATHERS, and others have spent a lot of time searching for the missing links that are needed to bring an end to the large amounts of violence that we see in our communities.

More than anything else, we the people have to work together to end the senseless violence that is ravaging our neighborhoods.

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