Hypocrisy?  Quite possibly.  Many people have lost their lives or been arrested for doing what a New York Supreme Court Judge did, but he is still alive and won't face any charges, says Erie County D.A.

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New York State Supreme Court Justice Mark Grisanti is seemingly off the hook for shoving a Buffalo Police officer, while shirtless and cursing, according to WIVB.  Meanwhile, Buffalo Police shoved and seriously injured 75-year-old protestor Martin Gugino, in response to him approaching them.  Both incidents happened in June. In my opinion, it's very hypocritical that a person who has the title of Supreme Court Judge, whose job it is to uphold the law, seems to be above the law. Not to mention, he and his wife's behavior is very unbecoming of someone who has been entrusted with such a prestigious title and important job.

Mayor Brown issued a statement, saying he supports the decision the D.A.'s office made to let Grisanti off the hook for assaulting the officer,

"It has been, and remains, my policy as mayor not to interfere in any police investigation. I have not spoken to the Buffalo Police Department, District Attorney Flynn, or Judge Grisanti regarding this matter. I believe that the district attorney's office is in the best position to determine the appropriate course of action."

Buffalo Police were responding to a call at Duluth Avenue.  Grisanti and his wife, who neighbors say were drunk, were aggressively arguing with their neighbors about parking, according to WIVB.  In a video on law360.com, he cursing, as well as announcing his political affiliations, possibly to leverage power and justify his behavior.  Gristanit's wife is seen in the video allegedly resisting an officer's attempts to handcuff her.  That's when Grisanti pushed the officer.  It's infuriating to watch, knowing how many people have been arrested or died for doing something similar or less than what Grisanti did. Erie County District Attorney John Flynn, who has prosecuted Buffalo citizens for alleged attacks on police, has decided that Grisanti shouldn't be charged. Hypocrisy and privilege? Quite possibly, in my opinion.

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