Social media can be an unforgiving place.

One thing about the various social media platforms is that it gives a lot of people the anonymity to say all sorts of things about people that they would never actually say to their faces.

Yet, one of the good things about social media is that it also allows people to share their thoughts with a large group of people relatively quick and easy

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That is exactly what the former Buffalo Bills Wide Receiver Cole Beasley did recently on Twitter.

Since parting with the Bills earlier this year, Beasly has not had great luck finding a new job in the National Football League and he took the time to address that exact issue.

The 33-year-old Texas native spent the last 3 years with the Bills and amassed some pretty good statistics during his tenure working in the slot. In those 3 seasons, Beasley caught 231 passes while gaining more than 2,400 receiving yards and scoring 11 touchdowns.

Those are pretty good numbers, especially considering he had two 80+ reception seasons over the last couple of years, along with being extremely effective in making clutch plays for the Bills' offense.

The fact that Beasley has still not made an NFL roster is not lost on many football fans. His being unsigned cannot be related to his stats, because he performed very well for the Bills, and for the Cowboys before that.

Many of the people commenting on this are saying its related to his position on taking the COVID-19 vaccine and how it seems to be a distraction to other people in the NFL.

Personally, I don't care about his, or anyone, vaccine status. His job prospects should be based solely on his job performance.

Hopefully, we'll see Beasley in an NFL uniform later this year.

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