There is nothing more satisfying than checking things off of your list everyday. Having a good routine can make all the difference fr a busy family and for those of us with kids heading back to school soon, a good routine is a must! Getting the kids out of the house and getting to work on time can be a challenge some mornings and it seems as though the only pay off is a good cup of coffee.

There is word this week that when you reach for that cup of coffee this fall it may cost you a little more than you expect. According to reports, the price of coffee has gone up 9% since last year and some people are having to make the call to start making coffee at home and pass on the drive thru of coffee shop brews.

It's not really a big shock. These days we are paying much more for just about everything. From gasoline to beer, there has been a surge in prices on everything!

But, for those of us who love a GOOD cup of coffee, the rise in prices might hurt, but it is a necessary evil. There are some more mornings when a cup of coffee is the only thing that makes the day manageable. We have three young kids and my day starts at 3:14am everyday. If it wasn't for coffee, I am not sure I could continue my regular routine, function and be productive.

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