Earlier this week news broke that Chris Brown may have a 9 month old daughter and now the plot thickens as his alleged baby mama's ex- husband speaks out.  Bossip reports:

It appears as though the affair that led to Chris Brown’s alleged love child also broke up a marriage. Brown’s affair with Nia Guzman-Amey, which resulted in the birth of their daughter, Royalty, occurred when Amey was still married. And now her ex-husband wants answers.

Terry Amey has called out Chris Brown, and says they need to sit down for the sake of Amey’s 13-year-old daughter with Guzman-Amey, and Royalty, Brown’s nine-month-old with the woman.
“We’ve got to push forward so that my little girl and his little girl can grow,” Amey exclusively told Bossip Thursday. “I don’t know Chris Brown, but in the upcoming days, I need to talk to him. We’re sharing something that’s important. Our two little girls.”

Guzman-Amey, who still uses her married name, was just 20 when she married 36-year-old Terry Amey in 2003 in Corpus, Christi, Tx. They have a 13-year-old girl.

The woman was still married when she had an affair with Chris Brown, and when she gave birth to Royalty. Amey said he didn’t know his ex-wife’s involvement with Brown until this week.

“I am the missing link,” he said, “because of the simple fact that I was married to her when she got pregnant.”

“I filed for divorce because Nia was pregnant, but I never did ask who the father was,” he added.

The 47-year-old said the divorce was finalized five months ago, and Guzman Amey now lives in Houston with their teen daughter and Royalty.

“They’re going to grow up together,” Amey said. “That’s her sister.”

Amey, a logistics coordinator for an oil and gas company, also blasted another man – known on Instagram as @royalty_yaye_bah – who claimed that Guzman Amey told him that he was the father.
“He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He needs attention, he’s an upcoming rapper. I’m not an upcoming anything. I know my family.”

Guzman-Amey last talked to the divorced dad a few days ago, and Amey said he hasn’t yet spoken with her about Chris Brown fathering Royalty.
“If you speak to someone out of anger, you’ll say the wrong thing,” he told BOSSIP. “There shouldn’t be a fight when children are involved.”

He also blasted press reports blaming his now ex-wife for breaking up Chris Brown and Karruche, and insisted Nia was a good mother to his daughter and to Royalty.
“Nia’s not like that,” Amey said. “She’s a wonderful mother, and what she does in her spare time, that’s her spare time.”

Despite Guzman-Amey’s infamy and them splitting up, Amey told BOSSIP that he has no regrets.
“I’m grateful for meeting her,” he said. “At the end of the day, he’s got a beautiful little girl, and I’ve got a beautiful little girl.”

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