August Alsina Wakes Up From A 3 Day Coma [VIDEO]
Singer August Alsina fell off a stage earlier this week in what looked like a simple misstep, but now we find out it was much more serious. Find out what caused the fallout and why August has been in the hospital these last few days.
Patient Care Vs. Race
There has been a Federal Lawsuit filed against a Detroit Michigan hospital after a nurse filed and complaint against the hospital and a nursing manager, when she read a note posted in a patient's assignment clipboard that read "No African-Americans to take care of baby" per re…
Wiz Khalifa + Amber Rose Welcome Baby “Bash” [PICTURES]
Amber Rose FINALLY gave birth!!! All the baby details inside.
Hip Hops cutest couple became parents today after what feels like a year long pregnancy. And I have to admit Amber was glowing the whole time!
We are so happy for Wiz and Amber on the safe arrival of Baby Sebastian aka "The Bash&am…
Zombie Victim Recovery Pics [VIDEO]
The Nation was horrified by the images of Rudy Eugene eating the face off Ron Poppo last Month. Ever since, Florida doctors have been working to "close the holes" in the victim's face after a zombie like flesh eating attack. Video and photo of his recovering inside!
Buffalo Appreciates Our Nurses
May 6th - May 12th is Nurse Appreciation week.  Today we shine the Queen City Spotlight on ALL Nurses and Medical Assistants in Western New York!