Buffalo and the surrounding areas have so much talent so when Iran across a Facebook post I found it very interesting and enlightening and wanted to share the info and make it available to you.  It was interesting because Casting Call info seems to be very hard to find, and secondly it opened my eyes as to the vast number of opportunities that exist.  So again, I wanted to share this info immediately for persons who aspire to pursue an acting career.

Below you'll find a link to backstage.com where you can input a location to see how many casting opportunities are available per location... for instance, I typed in Toronto and was provided with this info:

Showing 180 acting jobs with 70 productions in Toronto, Canada

Then I tried New York City (at backstage.com) and the results came back as such:

Showing 4607 acting jobs with 1548 productions in New York, NY

...and how about opportunities right here in the "Queen City' (@ backstage.com)

Showing 9 acting jobs with 6 productions in Buffalo, NY

Needless to say, based on the numbers above, there are plenty of 'casting call' opportunities.  You'll also be able to view different student films, workshops, auditions, voiceover opportunities, examples of commercials, and females can apply to be 'Miss National Worldwide'.

Here's info and a tour of Backstage.com:

Some Casting Advice:

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