According to what Cameron Scott and his family shared with the Today Show, Cameron's favorite SuperHero is Batman...for a specific reason...Batman is the only SuperHero that uses his Brain more-so than his Physical Gifts.  When you're a young 8-year-old who took an everyday 8-year-old fall and then go to the doctor only for them to discover you have a Brain Tumor, it makes sense that you idolize a Super-Hero who uses his Brain Power over Braun Power.  Cameron Scott actually used both Brain & Brawn in facing extensive treatment for his Cancer at the one place on this earth that I personally believe God has commissioned and given favoritism and Blessing in the fight against Childhood Cancer...that entity being St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  St. Jude is unique in that it has developed cancer treatment which is targeted.  So instead of a person going through Full- Body Chemo, St. Jude treats the specific Cancer where it is located in the body.  That procedure wonders miracles and wonders for Cameron Scott as he is now diagnosed as having ZERO CANCER... Cameron is heald of Cancer thanks to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  Not only did Sy. Jude cure Cameron of his Brain Cancer, St. Jude also Blessed the family beyond belief, as they fo all Families, bu paying for everything and anything regarding Cameron's treatment at St. Jude.  Simply amazain...No Bill of any kind whatsoever for Cameron. or any family whose child is treated at St, Jude.

Support St, Jude Children's Research Hospital and LITERALLY help ve a Child's Life because Cancer does kill, but with your donation to St. Jude, no child has to die from Cancer...which is St. Jude's make it so that no child dies from Cancer ever again.

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