According to, butter sales are at an all-time high, during these tuff times many Americans are facing during this global pandemic. There are more home chefs showing their skills in the kitchen and like what most people believe, especially in the south, butter makes everything better.

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Land O' Lakes is reporting selling record amounts of butter, simply because more Americans are making comfort foods witch in most cases require butter. The dairy giant is expecting butter sales to reach over 200 million to 300 million pounds in 2020, that's an increase of more than 20% from a standard year.

Earlier this summer, dairy farmers across the U.S were forced to dump milk, because stay-at-home orders slashed the demand from restaurants and schools. Now the need for butter has increased so much that Land O' Lakes has had to change its production lines to accommodate the larger orders of butter.

Overall the current increase in butter sales is good for an industry that has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. One thing I know is I consider myself a pretty good cook and when it comes to cooking southern dishes, I'm really good, LOL. Maybe I'll post some of my creations one day.

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