This is probably one of the best ideas I've heard of in a long time. In the heart of the east side of Buffalo, where there is a lot of people struggling not only financially, but hunger is a big issue as well. According to WGRZ, the Buffalo Community Fridge is a grassroots effort to help people in the community with fresh food when it is needed.

The Buffalo Community Fridge is near Jefferson and East Ferry Street, close to the old iconic GiGi's restaurant. The idea was put together by a bunch of community advocates, because of the number of people in need of assistants, especially now due to the global pandemic.

Our mission is to build stronger community bonds, eliminate waste, and address food insecurity through mutual aid. The whole idea is that the community is helping each other, so I'll bring some food and someone else will take some food, then I may take some food. It's really built on community aide.

said, Jesse Reardon, founder of the Buffalo Community Fridge, according to WGRZ.

Credit: WGRZ, the group that organized the Buffalo Community Fridge is really looking forward to other people in different neighborhoods to start their own community fridge. This is such a great idea in my opinion, I really hope to see this initiative continue in our city. I'm sure that this is a program that we will see supported and adopted by other community leaders in different parts of the city.

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