If there's a place that needs attention in Buffalo, in terms of a facelift, it would undoubtedly be the Broadway / Fillmore neighborhood.  Historically speaking, the Broadway / Fillmore area saw a huge Polish / Eastern European population, according to Wikipedia.  However, over the years, the cultural mix has changed due to what has been referred to as 'White Flight'.

The term 'White Flight', according to Wikipedia, was a term used in the 1950s and 1960s to describe the tendency for White People to move out of City Neighborhoods, that began to attract Blacks, and move out of the area to a more suburban setting.  Due to segregation laws and job discrimination, the Broadway / Fillmore area became more and more impoverished.  A systematic racial structuring known as redlining also came into play and added to the oppressive nature of the area. confirmed by Wikipedia.

There is now a renewed and concentrated effort to enhance the area and provide a serious and legitimate facelift to the Broadway / Fillmore neighborhood.


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