The Broadway and Fillmore district on the east side of Buffalo has a long list of businesses that could use a little help, rather the help comes in the form of a cosmetic make-over, financial assistance, or just new businesses in general. The Broadway Market has been the topic of conversion for a while now, because of all the new planned construction and new businesses opening there.

According to, a group of undergraduate students from the University At Buffalo is working on a project and can use some help from the community. The project is an initiative to help find the needs, of people in the Broadway and Fillmore area. If you live, work or own a business in this area, you should take part in a survey that would help this ambitious group of students with the research they need to come up with ideas for the many vacant storefronts.

I have looked over the survey and it really only takes about five minutes, the survey asked some really simple basic questions like your age, your gender, and do you work or live in the Broadway and Fillmore district. The survey is totally anonymous. In my opinion, this is another example of Buffalo making strides to make some of the east side neighborhoods better for shopping and new businesses, the link to the survey is here.

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