A Buffalo woman is accused of stealing more than $200,000 from local churches and  nonproft organizations through phony grant writing services.

Check it out according to WKBW New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman was in Buffalo on Thursday to announce criminal charges against Christina Sanford Gordon. The Attorney General also said says Gordon misrepresented herself as a successful fundraiser and grant writing expert and took money from the churches and organizations in exchange for services she did not provide.

This lady was good, she used a free state web protal called The grants gateway to represent herself as an expert fundraiser with years of experiecnce using this web tool.
She even created a fake person named "Sylvia Gregory" who she claimed also worked for Grants Gateway and was someone she had a close working relationship.

Christina Gordon used the fake person Gregory to gain the trust of her victims, even sending them emails as "Gregory" to congratulate them on being awarded a grant that they did not actually receive. Schneiderman says Gordon even created fake letters from the Attorney General's Office congratulating them on their award.

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Some of buffalo biggest and best churches have fell victim to this lady
Elim Christian Fellowship Church, True Bethel Baptist Church, Good Shepherd Temple Church,

It Is said that she used the money she stole from the people on lavish personal expenses, including beauty treatments, cruises, jewelry, and apparel.


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