It was all fun and games on Facebook when people learned over the weekend when a certain football is up for auction. The football used for Tom Brady's first touchdown is up for sale.

People in Buffalo were all over Facebook telling each other to buy the ball so, they can possibly pop it among some other juvenile things (Of course, people were joking....but it was entertaining.)

It was a game against the Chargers and Terry Glenn made the catch in New England in 2001.  Who had this special football for all of these years? The pass was made in the second quarter of the game in October 2001 and when Terry Glenn (Glenn passed away in 2017. He appeared in 4 games in 2001) got in the end zone he tossed it right into the crowd and it has been in safe keeping at one fan's possession all of these years.

He is a 48 year old season ticket holder of the Patriots (which means that when he caught the ball from Glenn, he was only 28--Imagine having that ball when you are only 28 years old and now knowing what it would mean all of these years later!). He kept it at a bank in the Boston era in a safety deposit box and would go visit the ball before certain Patriots games.

The bid opened up last week and goes all the way until June 4. The auction started at $75,000 and at the time of posting, it was up to over $82,000. The company that is auctioning the football is LeLands, here is part of the description of what is on the football:

The Official NFL (Tagliabue) Wilson football has "PATS" handwritten in black marker near the laces and a faint "17" can be seen written on the opposite side, consistent with identifying team game balls. Of the all-time record 581 regular-season touchdown balls that TB12 has accounted for, it must again be stressed that this is the very first", according to Lelands.

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