According to WGRZ, the Buffalo Teachers Federation will sue to prevent schools from reopening on Monday. Some of the teachers and staff members don't think it is safe to reopen.

To ensure that our school/sites provide for a healthful/safe return, the BTF will seek court action to prevent the unsafe return of students and staff until such time as the serious safety and health issues have been and remain corrected.

said, The Buffalo Teachers Federation President Phil Rumore, in a recent statement according to WGRZ.

There is a rumor that goes on to say that the health concerns have been addressed by the district. The teacher's problem is that there hasn't been anything put in writing to assure that the health problems have actually been taking care of at each site.

Credit: WGRZ, the School District still has plans to go ahead with the in-school instruction for grades Pre-K through second grade, high school senior class students, and some designated high needs students, and other grades will follow in intervals. I know students and parents must have mixed feelings about this issue, this would be the first time in-person learning since the district closed its schools back in March.

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Credit: WGRZ

The district maintains that it has done the job to protect the staff and students COVID-19. I think will have to see how this plays out, at the end of the day, In my opinion, I think that there should be something put in writing to give teachers assurance that everyone is safe to return.

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