Buffalo Board of Education President Baraba Nevergold was re-elected yesterday, but two new members were elected with more votes that her! Find out who and hear Buffalo residents reactions here. 

On May 6th 2014 we had the opportunity to VOTE for 3 at large seats on the Buffalo board of education. Although voting numbers were up from the previous election. Turnout by the black community remained low.

If you don't speak up when it matters (election time) don't complain about the board members later! So let's see who did get the voted needed to win those seats on the board.

You may have heard of Larry Quinn as "that hockey guy who gave money to produce the Knuckle City Film "The Romans". Larry's son, Matt Quinn, is a television producer who works on political campaigns. And the money people around town know Mr Quinn as a "Hockey executive" who worked with the Sabres. With his background mainly in Sports & Entertainment business, what made this guy decided he wanted to up and run for Buffalo School Board? Especially when his own kids don't attend public school?!

I guess we will find out in a few months when the new board starts making some changes.

This caller brings up a great point about how and WHY Quinn and Piece won without much appeal to the people.

Check out what WBLK listeners had to say about the voter turnout, new board members and Carl Paladino's possible role in this election: