Power Down When Finished and Power Up & Login the Next Day!  

It's being called 'Schoology, and things started off with a computer glitch on the first day of school in Buffalo schools on Tuesday, according to a WGRZ News report, but now things are moving smoothly, as the problem has been resolved.  There were a few technical issues, which were resolved, with the remainder of the solution now very easy.  The directive to students, from Myra Burden, Chief Technology Officer for Buffalo Schools, is to Power Down your computer when your work is finished and them Power Up and log in the following school day... students must do that every day for things to work correctly.

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Remember, logging off (powering down) and then powering up and logging in is a REQUIREMENT.  Here is a very helpful video showing students how to do everything they need to do to be successful this school year, or as long as 'Schoologyy" lasts.

'Schoology' instructions for Buffalo Students:

'Schoology' for Teachers:

'Schoology' is a new way of learning that may prove to be more engaging and interesting to students because they get to physically interact and learn through a medium they're used to, and one that they don't mind using.

The Buffalo Public Schools site is very informative with loads of info.  Parents and students should be able to find any information needed... here's the link below:

Buffalo Public Schools are also asking parents to make sure your child's school has your correct phone number, according to WGRZ.


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