If you are the parent of a young student at Buffalo Public Schools,  here's some good news. The district's order of iPads has finally arrived.

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Buffalo Public Schools now has 10,000 iPads to distribute to its younger students, according to WKBW.  The District has been waiting two months for the order to arrive, due to a back-log.  Now, it will begin to pass the equipment out to parents and guardians of children in pre-k, kindergarten, and first grade.


With this new  order, Buffalo Schools will have provided more than 28,000 students with devices necessary for virtual learning. Sarah Edwards, Director of Instructional Technology for Buffalo Public Schools said,

"You are really going to see teachers challenge students to do some really creative things. I think the experience will get better as the year progresses."


I know a lot of parents and families have been struggling with virtual learning.  On one hand there is the safety of our children, which is extremely important.  On the other hand there is the difficulty for all involved in virtual learning.  I'm not a parent, but I definitely empathize with parents, teachers and especially the kids!  2020 is a year our students most certainly won't forget.  How has virtual learning been going for you and your family?

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