Due to COVID-19, recreational marijuana could be on its way to becoming legal in New York State, including a marijuana plant in South Buffalo. Do you think NYS should legalize it?

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New York State has been hit hard due to COVID-19 and marijuana may be the answer to getting out of the financial hole. According to WKBW, Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul, the next budget could include the legalization of marijuana,

"It was being considered even prior to the pandemic but now more than ever, as we're finding how cash strapped our state will be as we run out of revenues, I think it will absolutely be on the table for consideration in the next budget."

States that have legalized marijuana have seen an increase in revenue due to taxation of producers, dispensaries and others involved in the industry. Supporters in the state hope that a blossoming weed industry in New York could generate $300 million in potential revenue. The plan also includes building a 'cannabis campus' in South Buffalo. Zephyr, which would be behind the campus, is based in California. The CEO, Brad Termini, said,

"It is a for profit cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, growing (facility), mixed with research and development and an educational job program as well."

The campus could generate 1,000 jobs, according to Termini.

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