We had it happen to us last year.  My wife ordered an iPhone for me for Christmas but someone else celebrated with it as it was gone befoire we got home.  At the time we lived near an area that was not very safe and notorious for drugs and crime (we've since moved...thank God).  Low and behold, someone was brave enough to grab our anticipated package and kept it moving.

Buffalo Police are warning that there's an increased number of incidents regarding 'Package Theft' this Holiday Season.  They are urging people to have family or friends sign for anticipated packages being delivered when there's no one home.

Police are looking for a specific person, who is pictured on WGRZ's website.  The man in the picture is thought to be one of the people taking packages.  There are far more people doing this than the man who is pictured.  Check out the picture through the link below.  If you have any information as to who this person is, please call or text the Buffalo Poice at 716-847-2255.

This cowardly and low-life activity is a Nation Wide problem as identified in this ABC News segment.

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