Big Brother has been working hard in Western New York as the use of traffic and license plate cameras in the 716 has been on the rise.

Yet another town in Erie County has been using these cameras to fight crime, but does this cost us more civil liberties as local governments and police departments collect more data about our movements and locations around the region?

Lancaster, New York, Touts The Use Of License Plate Cameras

The last few months have seen news breaking about how the Buffalo Police Department, the Cheektowaga Police Department, and the Niagara County Sheriff's Office has hundreds of cameras spread throughout the region. Now, Lancaster is touting how their cameras are helping solve crime.

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On their Facebook page, the Lancaster Police Department details how their strategically placed license plate cameras flagged a stolen car on Transit Road, and they were able to send officers to the area to find a suspect and arrest them for Possession of Stolen Property & Drug Possession. WIVB-TV goes into more detail about the situation and arrest.

By all accounts, it seems like a good thing that law enforcement officials have another tool to fight crime, but is it legal?

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The New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services says License Plate Readers are legal as long as they're used for legitimate law enforcement purposes. Still, the American Civil Liberties Union is concerned about how these devices can invade our privacy. The New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) expands on these concerns as Police Departments can track innocent people everywhere they go.

These cameras are the digital equivalent of having a police officer on the corner writing down the license plate of every person who drives by. Officials have said that this data is only used to investigate crime and not for any other purposes, but do we trust them to keep their word?

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