Police Release Reason Why Buffalo School Was On Lockdown Yesterday
It was quite the scene at a Buffalo school yesterday as about 400 kids at the school during the summer were placed on lockdown. In addition, police had the Buffalo Museum of Science also on lockdown.
The Dr. Charles R. Drew Science Magnet School and the Buffalo Museum of Science were both on lockdown…
Gun Violence
Erie, Niagara, and Chautauqua counties will receive just over $2 million in funding from the state to help curb gun violence, do you think it will actually help? Get the details and vote!
Allowed Violence
Why have I chosen to entitle this blog as I have?
And since most of the homicides this year have taken place within the African-American community with almost ALL of them being UNSOLVED, it reflects upon the African-American communities LA…
Gun Class Registration Goes Up 4000% in Buffalo
Guns are on the rise it seems with 5,000 people right now are on a waiting list.
As unfortunate events around the world happen, people become more concerned with their right to carry a weapon; and with the tougher gun laws in New York, people aren't wasting any time jumping into it...

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