The Buffalo pizza scene is a pretty hectic scene nowadays. There are so many great pizzerias in the Western New York region, but like with most things in life, there are a few that seem to rise above the rest in overall popularity.

One of the most well-regarded places is Bocce Club.

Bocce Club has a few locations in Buffalo and the northtowns, and in case you missed it, they recently opened up a brand new location in Clarence.

The new Bocce Club is located on 6235 Goodrich Rd. and used to be the longtime location of the Clarence Pizza Co.

Bocce opened the location this summer and the response was so overwhelming, they're going to be expanding the new location, according to Buffalo Business First.

Jim Paciottti admitted he was unsure, since Bocce is known as a take-out place and this would be a sit-down location, but they were so unbelievably busy that they sold out five of the first seven days they were open.

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That's why they're expanding the location. That means that Bocce will be able to make 500 per day. For reference, that's twice as many.

Bocce is exactly what you imagine when picturing Buffalo pizza. It's big, has extra cheese and that right amount of thickness you crave when you're searching for Buffalo-style pizza.

I definitely need to try this new Bocce location. The one I've been to mostly is the Bailey Avenue location.

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