Mr. Murray Holman, the Executive Director of Buffalo's Stop the Violence Coalition, is a well known and familiar face within Buffalo's African-American Community, where he volunteers his time as an Anti-Violence Activist.

WBLK Congratulates Mr. Murray Holman, as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has recognized what they and all of us have seen Murray Holman do within the African - American Community.  The FBI has shown their appreciation for Mr. Holman's work in fighting against Gang Violence and violence in general in the Buffalo Community by honoring him with the Prestigious Award for Leadership... THE COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP AWARD.

(Read that WGRZ interview with Mr. Holman below the WGRZ News Story Video)


REPORTER: Why do you do what you do?

"Haha, God, I guess God, first gave me this mission," Holman said.

"I didn't want to live like that," he said, "why should I have to ride through the neighborhood always fear you can't go here, you can't go there. So, we tried to change the mindset of that a little bit involving ourselves with youth."

REPORTER: When something does happen, how does your mind click? That this is what we need to do?

"So my mind goes into a mode of making sure that the scene is protected, the families get the answers they need," Holman said.

"People are accepting us because the Peacemakers in the community accepts us. They're looking at us as human beings and they've just helped us blaze so many trails," said Captain Steve Nichols of Buffalo Police.

"This award goes out to the whole community of Buffalo," Murray said.

"People like Murray bring hope to our community and we're very fortunate that he's a part of our community," said J.P. Kennedy, the U.S. Attorney.

REPORTER: What is your message of hope?

"If I can do it you can do it," Murray said.

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