There has been much said from many Buffalo residents and lawmakers about the gun violence taking place in the city right now. There has been more noticeable awareness of this issue in Buffalo than ever before in my opinion. I know many members of the "Buffalo Peacemakers" and the "Stop The Violence Coalition", I see personally see some of the efforts put forward by both of these groups to help solve some of these crimes or sometimes get to the root of the problem before it even happens. Now, there is even more assistance coming from local lawmakers by way of funding to get even more boots on the ground to further help end the violence.

According to WIVB $200,000 has been put aside to help these two organizations, with this funding there is going to be a more direct approach in targeting areas where violence is most common. There also will be a special tasks force put in place that will enforce federal prosecution of anyone in violation of these crimes.

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I have spoken with parents of young teenage boys and girls, and the main topic of conversation is the safety of their children. It's a very stressful time right now because you want your teenage child to be able to live and enjoy life, doing the day to day things that most teenagers do, but with the amount of violence that is taking place in our city right now, as a parent you really just want to keep your child at home.

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