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Do you remember standing in line early in the morning waiting to get the newest release of sneakers like Air Force Ones and Jordans? If you didn't I'm certain you were not a sneakerhead or lover. I can remember getting up early to stand in line at Finish Line, Foot Locker, or Champs sneaker store with my best friends so we can go back to school fresh the next day for all to see that we "copped" the new releases. Wearing these sneakers the next day were like badges of honor, you was in the cool kids club if you were able to get a pair each release. It showed your commitment, tenacity, and in my words your Go Gettaness to make sure you got them.

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Well, today this love is still relevant for many especially Tiona Deniece. Born and raised in Buffalo, NY Tiona is a Singer, Song Writer, Influence, and sneaker connoisseur. 

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Being an avid lover of sneakers and fashion, Tiona’s love for sneakers stemmed from childhood as an athlete and working for local athletic retail stores in her hometown. She works with Made for the W hosting the show “Test Run,” interviewing WNBA players about their sneaker collections. Tiona has also hosted and created content around sneaker unboxing and current sneaker-related events. Additionally, Tiona has also participated in various speaking engagements with Nike, and Sneakercon in regard to the immersion of women within sneaker culture.

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Having been a performer ever since she was a small child, Tiona was always singing for various events around the city. A pivotal moment in her early career happened in 2001 when she performed the National Anthem for the swearing-in celebration of Senator Hillary Rodham-Clinton, in Madison Square Garden Theatre. Tiona has worked on numerous writing projects for up and coming artists and has featured with numerous DJs and Rappers in both the New York and Atlanta area. Her vocals have been featured with rapper Westside Gunn and Griselda.

Tiona most recently partnered with Hibbett Sports, Nice Kicks and NIKE to share her story where she is featured in the first episode of "Small Town Sneakerhead" Where she showcased her hometown. Check it out below.

Learn more about Tiona Deniece at www.TionaDeniece.com 



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