Imagine that you text someone, interested in buying their property, and they try to bundle their wife up in the business transaction.

For some people, I guess it may seem like quite the deal.

Everyone seems to have their ankles wet with real estate lately, whether that means you are selling some property, buying a new place (in all cash because apparently that’s the only way), or daydreaming about your future house that you can’t afford with the current prices.

One Buffalo man received a text asking him if he was interested in selling his home, even though his property wasn’t listed for sale. So when someone texted him with expressed interest about a property that wasn’t listed on the market, this Buffalo man had an interesting response.


The initial text said: “Hey! My name is Walter, I find homes in the area. Are you available to speak about 30 McKenzie Ct? Have you considered letting go?”

Tom, who owns the property in question, didn’t miss a beat. He responded with, “Can my wife stay with the house if I sell it?”

Well, that’s one way to make someone uncomfortable after a bit of a probing question.

“LOL,” Walter texted back.


Tom shared the text screenshot to his Facebook with a caption that said, “He didn’t say no….”

I think Tom’s text would make any interested buyer uncomfortable, because Tom did suggest “selling” his wife…technically. But hey, doesn’t that mean the house would always be clean? (Kidding, I promise.)

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