When there is a total lunar eclipse, naturally you make plans to see it. And hopefully you were able to see the eclipse on Sunday night and early Monday morning. 

In Buffalo and the surrounding Western New York area, a total lunar eclipse was visible. It was called the "Blood Moon,” and it was visible in most of the United States.

However, if you did not get a chance to look at the sky this weekend or if the clouds blocked your view, one person shared some pictures they took of the night sky in Buffalo on Sunday. 


Those pictures are pretty cool, right?

If you weren’t able to see the “Flower Moon” with your own eyes, there is no need to have FOMO (fear of missing out). The next total lunar eclipse is only months away.

On the night of Monday, November 7 and into the following morning, the sky will feature a similar sight. The west coast of North America will be the best place to see the view, though you can still see it in other parts of the country.

Like the most recent total lunar eclipse, the November 7-8 moon will be visible for at least 84-minutes, which is rare to happen twice so close together. TimeandDate recorded data that shows these two total lunar eclipses are the “most balanced pair” within the same calendar year in over four centuries. 

November’s eclipse will show a “Frosty” or “Beaver” Moon take on a reddish tint for those 84 minutes, and you can see a simulation of what that might look like here

The next time that a total lunar eclipse will be visible that long will be June 26, 2029, when the eclipse will be visible for approximately 102 minutes.

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