The "Freedom Wall" located at the corner of Michigan and Ferry St. on the east side of Buffalo has been a staple in the community since its creations back in 2017. The amazing works of art are collections of iconic people in history from around the world and here in Buffalo New York. I still marvel at the works of art every time I'm in the area.

According to, there will be a virtual stake-holders meeting to address the concerns of the upkeep of the "Freedom Wall". The Michigan Street African American Heritage Corridor Commission and The East Side Garden Walk are two groups that are encouraging people in the community to join the meetings to fully get a picture of the scope of the project and to get community input on the new vision of the Freedom Wall streetscape.

The Freedom Wall depicts the icons of the black community. As a piece, it speaks to the history of struggle and the perseverance of the black community.

said, a spokesperson for the Freedom Wall according to


The meeting will be held on March 11, at 4:30 P.M, via Zoom, and on April 8, 4:30 P.M, via Zoom anyone looking to register can click here, and you will be added to the stake-holders meeting list and receive an invitation.

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According to, the "Freedom Wall" artists are John Baker, Julia Bottoms, Chuck Tingley, and Edreys Wajed.

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