I'm from Rochester, NY and can remember as a little boy going to school everyday and looking forward to seeing "Officer Friendly"!!!  I never knew his name but I knew he was my "friend" would protect me from anything and everything..and on top of that guy was "Friendly"...he gave me a feeling of security which I can remember to this day.

That concept is somewhat being practiced in Buffalo, NY ... it's called "The Buffalo Community Policing Program" whereas Buffalo Police Officers are specifically assigned community areas where they establish relationship wit the area's residents on a first name basis so as to gain trust and a feeling of not only security but a healthy & "friendly" relationship with Officers.

According to local WIVB Channel 4 News, Captain Steve Nichols

“We want to empower the community to help share in the responsibility of keeping the community safe. We know that we can’t do it alone,” 


The Buffalo Community Policing Program has been in place for awhile and just a year ago a Not For Profit Community Group did a study regarding the program and came up with some suggestion to improve the program.... this continued effort on behalf of the Buffalo Police Department my indeed be in respectful response to what that Community Group suggested.


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