The people of Buffalo and Western New York are among the most generous in the country. It's one of the main reasons why we're called the City of Good Neighbors. It's also why Buffalo is the Nicest City In The United States of America.

You don't need to be in Western New York for very long to see how true this is. The people are extremely giving, and that was on full display earlier when officers from the Buffalo Police Department took a bunch of kids holiday shopping at a local Target in Buffalo.

Police Officers Take Youth From The Police Athletic League of Buffalo Shopping

The retail giant Target has a great program that was put to use today in Western New York as they partnered with the Buffalo Police Department and the Police Athletic League of Buffalo to sponsor several kids who were enrolled in the STAR Literacy Program. PAL's STAR Literacy program offers youth the opportunity to learn and build vocabulary and comprehension skills to help them become strong readers.

Porsha Parson / Porsha Ari PR
Porsha Parson / Porsha Ari PR

Target's Heroes and Helpers program provided each kid with $150 to spend each child for this event. The kids were accompanied by members of the Buffalo Police Department's Neighborhood Engagement Team, who helped the youth as they took their time going around Target gathering toys and other goodies for them and their families.

The youth were treated to a shopping spree, along with food and gift wrapping afterward, as a reward for working so hard to improve their reading skills.

I was in the Delaware Avenue Target as many of the kids hurried around the store full of excitement. It was a great scene to watch and a clear reminder of how great Buffalo is.

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