WIVB is reporting some changes at Saint Joseph University Parish due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns across the globe.

Ann Marie Macisaac, the parish nurse, said this according to the WIVB report:

“We put an article in our bulletin this week that’s a little bit more detailed on what to do you know washing your hands avoiding crowds,”

Yes, the list of things to do is a bit more detailed and very different from the norm in the church.   Here's a list of changes:

  • No Holy Water Available
  • Communion Using Hands / No Tongue Placement
  • Hugs and Hand Shakes Replaced By Smiling

According to a WIVB news report, the Saint Joseph University Parish's Nurse, Ann Marie Macisaac, says she’s received a lot of questions from people such as how long the coronavirus may be around, questions she says no one has the answer to right now.

But she says that’s why education is key, and that’s important that people don’t panic.

“It’s more of a way of allaying any of their fears. Comparing the coronavirus to the regular influenza is something else that’s helpful because we as a society don’t think too much about the flu, but probably that’s as big of a problem as the coronavirus is right now.”

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